Podcast: The Engine Room Show – Episode 67 9 years ago

Podcast: The Engine Room Show – Episode 67

The Engine Room Show is back and this week the lads kick things off with a Star Wars theme, but they quickly get on to self-driving cars while mind manipulation is also explained!


After the intro, the lads get stuck in to some listeners' questions that have been submitted to The Engine Room Show over on their Facebook page.

The questions range from driving in floods to what to do when driving off-road in winter or on wet ground. If you want to submit your very own question to the lads then post it on their Facebook page or send it to them on Twitter via @EngineRoomShow.

Following on from a bit of a random rant, the guys get back on topic and talk about electric cars, including the fully-electric Ford Focus and VW E-Golf, as well as the Renault Zoe (pictured above) and the BMW i3.

There’s also a lot of talk about future tech in cars, including autonomous cars and how they could make driving a lot easier, but a lot more boring. They finish off the show on a slightly non-motoring related topic by talking about Keith Barry and his mental mind control tricks... It's pretty interesting and Moore lets us in on a great story about Keith's 4-year-old kid too, so make sure to listen out for that!


That’s it for this week, but for more stuff from Dave MooreDave Humphreys & Steven Cooper, check out The Engine Room Show Facebook page, Twitter and their very own website which you can find over here.

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