Podcast: The Engine Room Show – Episode 68 9 years ago

Podcast: The Engine Room Show – Episode 68

This week, the lads from the Engine Room Show discuss the recent SEAT Leon Challenge, along with Super Bowl commercials and how to spruce up your car on the cheap.


Following some Hollywood blockbuster-style opening credits, the first post-Super Bowl episode of the Engine Room Show kicks off with general banter about Humphreys hair - as you do - before Moore and Cooper fill us in on the SEAT Leon Challenge.

The lads then give us some great tips and advice for sprucing up your motor without spending too much cash, such as investing in some affordable alloys and window tint, which will give your car a new lease of life without breaking the bank or make it look like a boy-racer-mobile.

We also get some good car cleaning advice from Humphreys and we hear about the Super Bowl’s car adverts, some of which you can check out here.

That’s it for this week, but for more stuff from Dave MooreDave Humphreys & Steven Cooper, check out The Engine Room Show Facebook page, Twitter and their very own website which you can find over here.


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