Podcast: The Engine Room Show – Episode 88 9 years ago

Podcast: The Engine Room Show – Episode 88

This week, the lads from the Engine Room Show have decided to ditch the confines of a recording studio in order to record the episode from inside a car…


Dave Humphreys, Dave Moore and Steven Cooper are back once again with yet another cracking Engine Room Show podcast that was recorded inside an Opel Zafira Tourer in a car park during the sweltering heat we had at the start of August.

Thankfully, none of the lads were baked to death during the recording…

The lads kick things off by putting the Zafira Tourer (pictured above) through its paces, but not after a mention of ‘motor-boating’ from Cooper… who else? We also get to hear about the legality of radio station names showing up on your on-board computer. It’s quite interesting, so listen up.

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