Podcast/Video: The Engine Room Show – Episode 62 9 years ago

Podcast/Video: The Engine Room Show – Episode 62

On this week’s Engine Room Show, Humphreys, Moore and Cooper are joined by Rob King from MicksGarage.com to talk Christmas gift ideas for the petrolhead in your life.


To kick things off, Rob tells the lads a little bit about the history of MicksGarage.com and as Dave Moore points out, the MicksGarage.com premises in Parkwest is a little bit like Santa’s workshop at this time of year.

After Humphreys and Cooper give Dave Moore a bit of a ribbing about his BMW X5, the lads get down to business. Rob brought a big box of motoring related toys for the lads to have a look at, so if there’s a petrolhead in your life make sure to pay attention…

You can listen to the audio below, but you’ll want to check out the video above to see the gift ideas the lads are talking about.

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