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15th Jul 2018

Police warn over “worrying increase” in hotel booking scams online

Jade Hayden

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Don’t get caught out.

Police in Northern Ireland have urged holidaymakers to check that the deal they are availing of is legit before inputting their details.

The PSNI and the Northern Ireland Hotels Federation (NIHF) are pleading with people to be aware of “fake offers.”

RTÉ reports that more and more people are now falling for fake offers and that there has been an increase in cases like these being reported to the police.

Chief Superintendent Simon Walls said:

“People are being duped into booking hotel rooms and apartments that simply do not exist via ‘fake’ websites and social media posts.

“I would encourage all travellers to be vigilant if and when making an online booking.”

Walls said that potential bookers should read reviews of the hotel or the actual site offering the deal.

He also said that the authenticity of the website should be checked and, if needs be, the hotel should be contacted directly to check if they recognise the platform that is offering the room.

Any suspicious activity can be reported to Action Fraud via their website or by phoning 0300 123 2040.

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