Potentially bad news for any Irish holidaymakers travelling to Spain next month 6 years ago

Potentially bad news for any Irish holidaymakers travelling to Spain next month

Fingers crossed this won't mess with your travel plans.

If you happen to be travelling to Spain at any stage over the next month, be warned that there could be chaos in store at Spanish airports due to a planned strike by Spanish air traffic controllers.


According to the Irish Mirror, a four-day protest has been planned on June 8, 10, 12 and 14 and will take place for two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon.

The strike could potentially cause huge headaches for tourists flying in and out of Spanish airports.

Last month, for example, Ryanair were forced to cancel 250 flights during a 48-hour strike by French air traffic controllers, including 18 flights to and from Dublin Airport.

The strike is over penalties being issued to the air traffic controllers by Spain's airport operator AENA for a previous strike in 2010, during which the army were ordered to take over control towers and prevent a strike which caused chaos in Spanish airports.

Spain is a popular destination for Irish holidaymakers throughout the year, but this strike comes at one of the busiest times of the year for Irish tourists making the trip south.


Speaking to the Irish Mirror, Martin Skelly, President of the ITAA (Irish Travel Agents Association) said that the strike could be a real inconvenience for Irish holidaymakers but that they will do their best to keep those who might be affected informed of developments.


“The timing of this Spanish air traffic strike will be a real inconvenience to Irish holiday makers at what is the beginning of the summer holiday season," Skelly said.

"Spain has consistently been the number one holiday destination for the Irish public.

“All of our member travel agents will work closely with their leisure customers to minimise inconvenience by keeping them up to date with delays and cancellations as well as assisting them with rebooking flights and changing travel plans.”