What your preferred food takeout order says about you 1 year ago

What your preferred food takeout order says about you

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Sun's out, Easter's out, takeout!

The Easter Bank Holiday weekend is upon us and we are all daydreaming of the time off and the chance to recharge the batteries before another summer comes our way. We'd rather not cook this weekend thank you, so we will be ordering takeout.

Gone are the days when the only option for ordering food was a Chinese or nothing. Of course the Chinese takeout is as popular as ever, but there are loads of options now.

A huge myriad of choices await you now, but what does your chosen takeout say about you?

Spice bag

You are cultured. That's right, cultured. You're one of those people who, before the night out has happened, is already plotting your early escape so you can go get some food.

You recognise the importance of a good night out, but equally recognise the importance of acquiring your go-to takeout snack to augment your already fun night.

Thai curry

It's not that you don't like being conventional, it's more that you choose not to be. If there is an option that is slightly different to the norm, you will be the one to go for it.

You're also most likely an amateur chef yourself and judge each dish like it was an episode of Masterchef.


This is the food of choice of the person who gives zero f**ks. You've had a good night out and you've looked good in your shiny new clothes. Yeah, you've been nailing the strut and feeling quite smug about yourself.

However, when the kebab is here, all bets are off and you don't care if you make a mess and destroy said new clothes with kebab sauce. You're probably not bothered because your Mammy will wash your clothes.


You are a people person. You order an item of food which by its nature is there to be shared. The pizza people are generally party people and want to surround themselves with like minded people.

You are the first one to organise the house party because you don't want the night to end, but you know the importance of dangling that carrot to potential party goers. Nothing convinces people back to a house party more than the promise of a slice of pizza.

Burrito bowl

Admit it, you have notions. You know what you like, and you want it with as little fuss as possible.

You are also not the kind of person who cares that guac' costs extra. There is also a damn good chance that you would happily eat nothing but burrito bowls for the rest of your days.


You're a traditionalist, a little bit afraid of change maybe. You're a no-frills person, you like things in black and white, straight down the middle, no messing.

The burger is a classical choice of course. It does mean, however, that you are probably a person who if going out will choose a pub over a club every day of the week. You couldn't live with the pretentiousness of a glitzy club and all its glamour.

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Brought to you by Just Eat