For the price of a cup of coffee, Revolut are making your life a LOT easier 2 years ago

For the price of a cup of coffee, Revolut are making your life a LOT easier

Brought to you by Revolut Plus

Prone to the occasional mishap? Well, let Revolut Plus take some of the hassle away.


Are you a dropper like Chandler?

No judgements here, of course, as we've had more smashed phone screens than meals out in 2020 (which wouldn't be hard).

Who can honestly say they haven't had the occasional moment of pure clumsiness?


Well, we have some good news.

Starting from December 17 and for as little as €2.99 a month, or the price of just one cup of coffee a month, Revolut Plus will protect your purchases and cover you for accidental damage or theft, while also giving you greater flexibility in returning purchased items for refund.

Purchases up to a value of €1,000 are covered for a full 365 days, while you get:

  • Cover if a personal item is stolen.
  • Cover if you break an important item, including your smartphone
  • Protection when you forget to return that gift in time
  • Cover if you need to cancel a ticket for a gig or a show at the last minute

Also coming soon will be interest on Savings Vaults, as well as custom card design and the chance to unlock the full Revolut Junior experience, with no €40 top up limit, Junior Goals and Allowances.

This offering will also be made available to Premium and Metal users, with theft and cover limits running from €1k, to €2.5k, to €10k a year.

For more information on Revolut Plus and how it's going to make life a lot easier for you, click here


Brought to you by Revolut Plus