PICS: This 'two-bed' shared property in Dublin epitomises the renting crisis 5 years ago

PICS: This 'two-bed' shared property in Dublin epitomises the renting crisis

When will it end?

It's no surprise to anyone that renting anywhere decent in the capital city at the moment isn't easy.


In fact, the shortage of rooms witnessed in Dublin has spread further afield, leading a report compiled by Daft to show us that inflation prices across the county have jumped an average of 11.5% in Q2 of 2018.

Such is the demand for available accommodation, especially now that students are about to be added to the equation, that a number of hopefuls will have to resort to settling for a place that may not exactly have been what they hoped for.

Studio apartments can be notorious for this, with landlords advertising extortionate rent for a room in which the bed touches the sink, which is then located on top of the fridge.

One such apartment in Portobello, that had been advertised on, is a case in point.


Rent of €400 a month has been agreed on the property, which seems quite reasonable, considering the location.

But it's not until you see what your hard earned €400 gets you that you realise the depressing nature of apartment hunting in town.


What looks like, by all means, an attractive apartment in terms of finishes and amenities – one can't help but notice that everything is quite close together.

Another thing that meets the eye when peering through photos is that two beds – one single, one double – have been shoved into the kitchen, alongside a wardrobe, oven and washing machine.

According to the current resident of the apartment, with whom you'll be sharing your 'bedroom', the flat is a "two-bed" with a "very quiet" electric shower.


Well, thank goodness. Considering, while in bed, you're practically one foot in the shower as is.

The 29-year-old current resident is also looking for females only in their search. And probably also someone who is keen to put on the wash from the comfort of their own bed.

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