Pub in Galway installs bed… so punters can trick partners into thinking they’re actually at home 2 years ago

Pub in Galway installs bed… so punters can trick partners into thinking they’re actually at home

If you consider trust as paramount in a relationship, then this is something you certainly won’t approve of.

Even if you’re not from the area, you may have heard of McNamee’s Bar in Loughrea, which has a habit of running promotions which catch the eye of the wider public.

Last year, for example, they offered free drinks to customers if it rained on the first day of May, while in the past, while working in another pub in the area, manager Gary Kilcar offered a free drink to groups who managed to put their phones away for half an hour.

Their latest promotion is arguably their most eye-catching yet as a bed has been moved into the premises… but not for the purpose of accommodating someone who can’t get home or who may have had one too many.

The bed, as you can see from the Facebook post below, is to be “used when a guy has to prove to his girl that he is at home” although we’re sure it can be used by members of any sex in any consenting relationship.

Bar manager Gary Kilcar told JOE that the promotion was inspired by a similar stunt used in a UK restaurant that he had seen online and by the fact that he had just removed a bed from his apartment, which happens to be located above the pub.

Gary says that although it essentially encourages lying to one’s better half, the promotion has been greeted in the good spirits in which it was intended, even by the girlfriend of Brian Staunton, the man who appears in the photos above.

He also told us that it’s proved quite the conversation starter in the pub and that while a lot of people have taken photos in the bed, in most cases, those photos haven’t been used to actually try and convince their better halves that they’re at home as opposed to out enjoying a sneaky pint.

If you’re in the area and want to try it out yourself, you’ll need to be quick as the bed will be moved out of there before it gets busier at the weekend.

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