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21st Sep 2018

Quality Street confirm they’re removing one of their sweets from the beloved tins

Paul Moore

Quality Street

A sad day.

Yep, it’s still too early to talk about Christmas. Then again, it’s never too early to absolutely horse into a box of Quality Street that you just ‘happened’ to pick up at the shops while you popped out to get bread and milk.

Hey, we’re not judging you.

This being said, does anyone else ever have Quality Street in their house whenever it’s not Christmas? Ok, we’re being distracted from the big news and that’s the removal of the Honeycomb Crunch from the beloved sweet tins.

The Honeycomb Crunch  is a relatively new addition to the iconic sweets – it was created to replace Toffee Deluxe, a stalwart of the sweets since 1919 – and it has had a tumultuous time as a Quality Street favour.

In fact, some people would strongly argue that it’s the worst sweet available in the tin.

However, if you love the Honeycomb Crunch, you’ll be pleased to know that a Honeycomb Crunch bar will be launched this festive season.

The news was confirmed via Twitter.

Right, who else is hungry for some sweets?

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