This question about straws is driving the internet insane 1 year ago

This question about straws is driving the internet insane

As controversial a question as 'what colour is this dress?'

One in three people believe a straw has two holes...

Yeah, slow down on the exciting facts. It's still early.

How many holes does a straw have, though?

It's one of those questions that will usually only appear in one of two places; an episode of QI or on the back of the rolling papers designed for people who want to ponder the deeper questions while stoned. It is now also the question that has driven Twitter insane.

And the culprit is one such user who could not reach a conclusion on the matter with her friends over lunch.

Posting the question online, the response has ended up turning this into a sequel to the dress after a total of 91,085 votes were cast.

So the general consensus was that a straw has one hole, but as a few Twitter users began to point out, this is actually a question with many variables.

We never factored in the bendy straws. We never factored in anything, because realistically nobody actually cared. Or at least, we assumed nobody cared.

One online philosopher decided to close off the debate by asking if we thought a doughnut had two holes too.

This theory unfortunately seems to reap very few rewards, with one user saying a similar debate over a theorem drove mathematicians crazy for almost a century.

It is a complete and utter rabbit hole, which will undoubtedly bring greatness to one budding mathematician, while driving thousands of others insane.

Truly you've done it again, internet.