This radical new housing design could have Dubliners living the high life 6 years ago

This radical new housing design could have Dubliners living the high life

Are we looking at the future of Irish living?

The concept of the isolated sky-scraping residential block lends itself well to dystopian science-fiction.


Recent years have brought us such adventures as Dredd and the Tom Hiddleston-starring High-Rise, both of which present a fairly nightmarish vision of living in the future.

Following the news that Dublin ranks especially high amongst the most expensive places in the country in which to buy a house, perhaps a radical alternative is needed.

That's what Blackrock-based Bright Design Architects have in mind, anyway.

They propose that the city expands not outwards, but upwards, with waterfront vertical suburbs housed in Dublin's docklands with a new city link to Dollymount Strand, in addition to a light rail link to Dublin Airport via the Port Tunnel.


But then you'd never really need to leave.


The proposed 'Habistrata' would contain living, working, and recreation services all housed in a singular 112-level complex.

Vertical villages with elevated neighbourhood parks and playgrounds are also in play, with specific levels dedicated entirely to the likes of education, medical, retail, and exercise needs.


Here's a daytime version of how the idea might look:

Dublin High Rise

Pretty impressive, you have to say.

"The aversion to apartment living and high rise development needs a tailored Irish solution to a global problem and one that is sustainable," say the Bright Design team.


The solution to the housing crisis, or a preview of the next season of Black Mirror?

Check out the full concept in the video below.

Clip via Bright Design Architects