The Rate My Plate comments section has a new cult hero, and it's glorious 2 years ago

The Rate My Plate comments section has a new cult hero, and it's glorious

Justice for Carol C.

You've probably lost track of the amount of groups and pages you've liked on Facebook. The better question might be if you use Facebook regularly at all now, because recent surveys show that a hell of a lot of people are turning their back on the platform.


But there's one page you may have seen pop up a lot on your timeline over the past while, and that's the Rate My Plate page, where users submit pictures of their meals to be judged by the understanding and forgiving people of the internet.

But let's be clear, the page is basically a piss-take in that there's rarely, if ever, an attractive looking dish posted on the page.

In fact, anything that looks vaguely appetising comes in for fierce criticism altogether.

Give the people what they want, and what they want is some food that looks like it's been cooked in a washing machine.

Well, there's one post which has over 114,000 comments on it at this stage, and it's this submission by Carol C, who is a regular poster to the page and her pictures always provoke quite a reaction.


Carol got what she wished for in the comment section, something she courts every time she posts to the page, a reaction.

Another one was even posted on Monday by Carol C, although we have a sneaky suspicion that Carol C is not actually a real person (say it ain't so!).

We admire how the page's creators have managed to manufacture this everyday hero for us to comment on.


Long may these glorious posts continue...