PICS: Rats break into ATM, chew up over €15,000 worth of notes 4 years ago

PICS: Rats break into ATM, chew up over €15,000 worth of notes

Try not to think of this next time the ATM says it is currently Out Of Service...

Normally you might think that maybe there's something technically wrong with the ATM.


Maybe the bank ghost that works in there is tired of handing out money all day? (We're not 100% sure how ATMs work, to be honest...)

Or maybe, y'know, the ATM is just out of money, and it needs a refill.

However, what you probably weren't anticipating, is that the reason the ATM is out of money is because rats got in and at it all.

Which is exactly what happened in this ATM in India, when workers arrived to fix it and discovered over Rs 1,280,000 lakh (or about €15,650) was destroyed by a rat that turned it all into one big money bed.


If this were a horror movie, the ATM would deliver the rat out of the money slot to whomever was next to put their bank card into the machine.

This isn't a horror movie though, and the works found the rat inside, passed away on his big bed of money, with another €21,500 worth of notes left mostly undamaged, but probably in need of some kind of rinsing.


RIP Money Rat. You died on a big pile of money, which most of us can only dream of.