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07th Dec 2017

Is this really Dublin’s best burger?

Kymann Power

“I got burgers that’ll… I just got burgers.”

Cheeseburger Eddie from ‘The Longest Yard’ knows a good burger when he sees one. However, this week, Chef Adrian and Kymann took on a serious challenge when they made the big call on Dublin’s best burger.

With the number of burger joints growing across the city, it seemed like a perfect time to settle this once and for all.

Unfortunately, it would have been a bit of a task for this duo to taste every single burger in Dublin (as much as they would have loved to) so we put a call out to you burger connoisseurs on Twitter. These are the results that we got back from exactly 500 burger experts.

Three people mentioned Bóbó’s but the final result clearly narrowed it down to WOW Burger, Bunsen and Five Guys. This gave Chef Adrian and Kymann something to work with.

With this shortlist in hand, they made their way onto the burger playing field to crown Dublin’s best burger.

Here’s what happened…

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