This is the reason your holiday Instagrams aren't getting any likes 4 years ago

This is the reason your holiday Instagrams aren't getting any likes

The majority of travellers admit to planning their itinerary based on Instagram opportunities, but it seems we're beginning to tire of the same old shots.

In fact, 47 percent of people now say they're bored of seeing unimaginative landmark photographs in their feed and are 52 percent are more likely to ‘like’ an image of a landmark if it's something they’ve never seen before.


According to new research by Sony Mobile, the top two landmarks tagged on Instagram are the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben in London, but the data that shows 35 percent of the photographs were taken from the same three angles.

Other notable landmarks that follow this trend include Christ the Redeemer in Brazil, where 71 percent of shots are from the same three angles, Trevi Fountain in Italy (74 percent), Mount Fiji in Japan (77 percent) and Machu Picchu, where a whopping 85 percent of all Instagrammed images are taken from the same few spots.

Case in point...

Determined to make your Instagram feed worth visiting? Award winning travel photographer, Lluís Salvadó, offered his top tips for capturing photography with a new perspective this summer:

1. Play around with colours and brightness, it's amazing how different one scene can look with some clever camera tricks.
2. If you're struggling to get an original shot play around with reflective surfaces, a famous landmark can be transformed by a little water.


3. Look for beauty in the architecture around you, not just the landmark as a whole. There can be a very artistic quality to structural things.
4. Try out a new perspective and get some shots from high above or below the subject, don't be scared to experiment with compositions.

5. Use people and their silhouettes to give a shot a sense of place and time, and play around with forced perspective too.

Images: Mikael Buck, taken on a Sony Xperia XZ