Why shopping centres are life savers for last minute Christmas presents 3 years ago

Why shopping centres are life savers for last minute Christmas presents

This ADVERTORIAL was brought to you by Jervis Shopping Centre

Are you leaving things to the last minute?


Especially when we're only a week out, every little helps when it comes to getting the presents sorted. You want to be able to go in and get everything in as little time as possible, so you don't end up having to spend an entire day in town.

Situated right in the heart of Dublin city, Jervis Shopping Centre has 60 stores, whether it's the finest Remus Uomo suits from Penthouse Menswear or the trendiest jackets from Jack & Jones. Their 2018 Gift Guide has everything you need to know to make things easier for yourself.



Everything is under one roof

Not only do high streets tend to be expensive, you often end up spending more time walking than anything else. You might get one present sorted, but the thought of having to walk another 20 minutes to get a pair of socks isn't exactly the most appealing.

We challenge you to find a high street where you could get this Google Home Mini in Curry's PC World, and this Sport Pilot in the Watch Store without having to leave the same building.



Christmas shopping

The food

Reason enough to go to a shopping centre, especially if there are any fussy eaters in your group. The food offering in Jervis includes 16 restaurants, so there's sure to be something for everyone.

If one of you fancies Japanese food, head to J2 Sushi. Should someone else be up for some chicken, KFC is only across the way. Much easier than having to split everyone up.


It's easier to find inspiration

When you go walking down a high street, there is always the chance that you miss the best shops. Shopping centres not only have maps that tell you where they are, but list out each of the shops for you.

As much faith as you might have in your list of presents you need to buy, there's nothing like a shop window to help make your mind up. It's a lot easier to notice these Nike Vapor Max runners from JD Sports or Timberland boots when you're not trying to take shelter from the rain!

Makes Kris Kindle easier


Unless you're lucky enough to work somewhere where everyone knows each other really well, Kris Kindle can be a bit of a nightmare. Having to think of something to get for a colleague you barely know isn't exactly easy, so you're going to want something reliable.

If you have a look around, inspiration will surely come. A gift set like this Hair Care Set from Grafton Barbers is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Plus, the fact that it comes in a box makes it easier to wrap than that mug you were planning on getting them...

There is no better feeling than knowing you got the right present for someone. Situated in Dublin city centre with its own Luas stop, Jervis Shopping Centre has everything you need under the one roof. Whether it's this Oxford shirt from TopMan or this stylish tracksuit from RAIDAR, you can find something for everyone. Both Timberland and VANS have recently opened new stores in the shopping centre as well.

This ADVERTORIAL was brought to you by Jervis Shopping Centre