Our 5 reasons why St Patrick's Day is the single best day of the year 4 years ago

Our 5 reasons why St Patrick's Day is the single best day of the year

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In all fairness, it's a great day for the parish.


We often take it for granted, but St Patrick's Day is a truly unique holiday. There aren't many countries (especially considering our size) whose national holiday becomes an international day of celebration in just about every major country on earth.

Regardless of whether or not you're a big fan of all the festivities, we're lucky (sounds Irish to me) to be able to make such a big mark on the calendar. Below are some of the many reasons why we think it is the single best day of the year.

It's particularly popular in America. Given the chance, we reckon they'd paint just about anything green...


1. Green all over

From the Taj Mahal and the Great Pyramids of Giza to the London Eye; they go green on 17 March. That in itself is absolutely phenomenal when you think about it.

India is home to around 240 times as many people as Ireland, yet they still pay homage to our national holiday. Pretty hard to top that.

2. Everyone gets involved


This ties in with our first point, but it isn't just green monuments that stand out for the day. Shamrocks can be spotted on people all over the world, and it will always be associated with everything good about being Irish.

Just a heads up as well, a select number of Dublin pubs (full list below) will be offering a free packet of Keogh's *Shamrock & Sour Cream flavoured crisps with your first pint. If there is anything more Irish than a packet of shamrock crisps and a pint of Guinness, we're yet to hear it...

*Yes, there is REAL shamrock in these crisps!


3. Sports

There is ALWAYS great sporting action around St Patrick's weekend. Whether it's Cheltenham or the Six Nations, there is something for everyone.

Without doubt, the most iconic sporting event around this time of year is the All-Ireland Senior Club Football Championship Final. It's held on the same date every year, and there is no more patriotic a way to enjoy Paddy's Day than by cheering on your local club in our traditional sport.

4. The general craic

Between the parade, sports, greened-up monuments and packed streets, there's a lot to keep you busy. While pretty much everywhere will be most likely thronged with people, you can always find a quiet corner to just enjoy the day.


If you're dressed up as a giant leprechaun at the same time, all the better...

5. World "recovery" day

The simple fact of it is that Monday, 18 March will be the quietest day of 2019. The vast majority of us will be a good deal quieter than we were the day before, with perhaps one or two sudden bouts of illness ending up with people calling in sick to work.

It isn't easy doing our patriotic duty on St Patrick's Day after all...

Keogh’s Shamrock and Sour Cream crisps, are hand-cooked and are flavoured with real Irish shamrock grown especially for their crisps in Ballinaskellig Co.Kerry. For real taste. To celebrate St. Patrick’s day, Keogh's have teamed with some of the top Irish pubs in Dublin to give you a bag of their shamrock crisps with your first pint on 17 March.

  1. Toner's
  2. Kehoe’s
  3. Stag’s Head
  4. Devitt’s
  5. The Hairy Lemon
  6. The 108
  7. Against the Grain
  8. The Black Sheep
  9. The Brew Dock
  10. The Beer Market
  11. Alfie Byrnes
  12. The Gasworks
  13. Paddle and Peel

Brought to you by Keogh's