Recruitment is now open for anyone looking to be a firefighter in the Dublin Fire Brigade 4 years ago

Recruitment is now open for anyone looking to be a firefighter in the Dublin Fire Brigade

At some stage in their lives, virtually everyone has wanted to be a fire fighter.

As of yesterday, Dublin Local Authority Fire and Emergency Service (FES) has opened up a recruitment competition for those looking to pursue the role.


Key elements of the role include:

  • Promoting Community Fire Safety
  • Resolving emergencies (fire and rescue)
  • Resolving Emergency Ambulance cases
  • Developing local awareness
  • Promoting health and safety
  • Continued personal development
  • Managing resources and information

Successful candidates will be required to hold a current full unendorsed Driving Licence – Category B license B manual prior to commencement of training and will be required to drive emergency vehicles.

Candidates must be of good character, and meet certain health requirements to the satisfaction of the City Council’s Medical Advisor, including requirements relating to eyesight.


The physical assessment includes three stages of challenges.

Stage 1: Aerobic Fitness Test

  • 12 minute Chester Treadmill Test

Stage 2: Strength Test

  • Shoulder Press 1 repetition at 35kg
  • Rope Pull Down 1 repetition at 42kg (with gloves on)
  • Rope Pull Down 23 repetitions in 39 seconds at 28kg

Stage 3: Functional/Suitability Tests Manual Dexterity Test

  • Ladder Climb Test
  • Casualty Evacuation
  • Confined Space Test
  • Hose Roll Test

Each candidate must also have obtained at least Grade D (or a pass) in five subjects, including Mathematics and English, from the approved list of subjects in the Department of Education Leaving Certificate Examination or in an examination of at least equivalent standard.


Anyone looking into life as a fire fighter can find more information here. The deadline for applications is 3pm on 10 October.