People wearing red socks can get a free Smithwick's this weekend 1 year ago

People wearing red socks can get a free Smithwick's this weekend

Brought to you by Smithwick’s

Here’s to the people adding a splash of colour to their day!

Those willing to brighten up their outfit with a pair of colourful socks are exactly the kind of people you need in your life. Whether you're a stripey socks, sporty socks or spotty socks kind of person, it's usually an insight into an awesome personality.

As far as we're concerned, they're also the kind of people who will have good taste in beer (and like free stuff). So what better way for Smithwick's to reward red sock wearers than with a delicious pint of red ale in Kilkenny this weekend?

As if Kilkenny wasn't exciting enough as it was, the chance of winning a free pint would be the cherry on top of a great weekend! The promotion will run from 6-8pm Friday and Saturday, 12-13 July. On Sunday, it will run from 1-3pm.

You must be at least 18 years of age to redeem your free pint, and here are the venues that are taking part:

  • Lenehans and Nore Bar
  • O’Gormans
  • JB Burke’s
  • Aogains
  • H Byrnes
  • Breathnachs
  • Brogans
  • The Front Room
  • Biddy Earlys
  • Matt the Millers
  • The Worlds End
  • Cleeres Bar
  • Pump House
  • Hacketts
  • O’Riada’s
  • Marble City Bar
  • Kytelers Inn
  • Bollards
  • Playwright
  • Left Bank
  • Harkins
  • Lanigans
  • Poc Fada
  • Tynans Bridge House
  • Harp Bar
  • Tholsel Bar
  • Ryan’s Bar
  • Rafter Dempsey’s
  • The Field
  • Paris Texas

Stripey socks, sporty socks, spotty socks, who gives a sock??! You should if you’re heading to Kilkenny this weekend. Smithwick's are inviting you to make a more interesting everyday choice.

Brought to you by Smithwick’s