Study reveals how binge-watching TV with your better half can help improve your relationship 4 years ago

Study reveals how binge-watching TV with your better half can help improve your relationship

Opting for a night in could be good for you.

Before you ask, we're sure it helps but no, sex is not the answer.


Apparently, getting nice and snuggly with your partner and switching on an episode of your favourite show could be the key to bringing the two of you closer.

All those nights you thought you had wasted staying in on Saturday night with your significant other watching Game of Thrones could have actually been a great shout.

According to a study that was published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, couples who watch TV shows and films together experience a deeper connection through their shared interested in characters and plots.

Having shared connections with these on-screen characters proved to make up for a lack of mutual friends that a couple might have in real life.


The study's lead author, Sarah Gomillion said:

“Humans have created shared social experiences through narrative and performance long before the advent of modern media.

“Our findings support the growing evidence that like other forms of narrative, contemporary media benefits people by providing a rich, psychologically meaningful social world.”

The study was carried out on 260 students who were all in exclusive romantic relationships and they were asked about the quality of relationship they had with their partner as well as mutual friends and media habits they shared.


Those surveyed rated their relationship higher when they had more shared friends likewise with those who consumed TV shows together.

These two sets of couples both reported greater confidence and intimacy in their relationship.

Gomillion concluded: “a critical next step for future research is to explore the potential benefits of media for relationships by directly manipulating sharing media with a partner."