VIDEO: This is what happens when you report a crime in Ireland 4 years ago

VIDEO: This is what happens when you report a crime in Ireland

The Crime Victims Helpline has launched a series of videos to explain how the Criminal Justice System in Ireland works.

If you've ever been the victim of a crime but never been sure how to go about reporting it, or what happens once you've visited or phoned your local Garda station, this series of videos has all the answers.


Released by the Crime Victims Helpline, the videos take people through the processes of reporting a crime, how a decision is made to prosecute or not, and what happens when a case goes to court.

"Many victims have little knowledge of the criminal justice system, as they are experiencing it for the first time," said High Court Judge Mary Ellen Ring.

"I welcome this initiative, which can help to make the process less daunting for them."

Those at the Crime Victims Helpline hope that the videos will give people a clear picture of what they will encounter should they find themselves in the legal process.

Michele Puckhaber, Executive Director of the Crime Victims Helpline, said: “Victims are faced with decisions which can seem overwhelming at a time when they are distressed and upset. Victims and their family and friends often feel so many things are out of their hands.


"Simple, accessible information helps people regain a sense of control.”