Review: Nivea Men Regime Gift Set 9 years ago

Review: Nivea Men Regime Gift Set

Taking proper care of your skin starts with making sure you have a good skin care regime

Gone are the days when skin care regimes were the realm of the fairer sex and a barrage of expensive and incomprehensible creams, potions and lotions. These days, if we want to stay looking our youthful best for as long as we can, us lads need to hydrate, moisturise and clean our faces properly, especially if we're going to be shaving.


Running a razor across your skin does you no favours, and can lead to irritation as well as dry skin, so, as usual, Nivea have come up with a great gift set for this festive season that will have you well on your way to looking after your skin properly. Not only does it have everything you need to get started, but it makes the perfect stocking stuffer or Christmas gift for your brother or your Dad. At just €12.99, it's not going to break the bank either.

The set contains Nivea Men Deep Cleansing Wash, which is ideal for getting the dirt and sweat off your face after a long day in work, or having hit the gym. It's also great to use in the shower to wake up your skin first thing in the morning, which is what this JOE uses it for. It's also got Moisturising Shave Gel, to make trimming the stubble that bit easier and more comfortable, and Rehydrating Moisturiser to make sure your skin is feeling its best once you finish up.

As with all of Nivea's stuff, none of it is overly fragranced, meaning you won't get that sting that a lot of other products will give you, and its light enough that you can use it most days.