Richard Branson is renting out his second private island 3 months ago

Richard Branson is renting out his second private island

Moskito Island will welcome some lucky guests later this year.

Founder of the Virgin Group Richard Branson is reportedly renting out his second private Island, called 'Moskito Island', to the public for the first time in history.


However, naturally, it will cost you. But we get onto that small insignificant detail later.

Branson purchased Moskito Island, which is situated in the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean, in 2007, some 29 years after he bought his first Carribean island, Neckar Island. The islands are situated a mere 2.5 miles from each other by sea.

By 2015, basic infrastructure had been installed on Moskito Island and the construction of his private estate had been completed, a spokesperson for Virgin previously told Insider.

The billionaire also sold nine private parts of land to unknown buyers, who have since built luxurious villas on the Island, it has been revealed.

The Branson Estate is set to be the first luxurious estate which can be rented out by members of the public at some point in 2021, according to Insider.

A spokesperson for Virgin Limited Edition said that a few other estates on the Caribbean Island will open later this year.

The total price of the Branson Estate is $25,000 per night in the low season, which runs between the beginning of June and the end of September.


In the low season, however, the price increases to around $33,000 per night. To put this simply, a 7-day luxury break at the Branson Estate would cost you over $230,000.

The price is inclusive of all meals and drinks, in-house chefs and provides you with access to the luxury Island's shared recreational facilities, Insider reported.

The Branson Estate comprises of three villas, namely Mangrove Villa, Headland House and Beach Villa, with 11 bedrooms. So, you could say the estate is slightly larger than your average holiday accommodation.