There will be a 12-hour long Riverdanceathon taking place in Dublin this week 5 years ago

There will be a 12-hour long Riverdanceathon taking place in Dublin this week

580 dancers will take part in the public performance, and all for a great cause.

Participants from 22 different dancing schools around Ireland will be descending upon Dublin this week to take part in a 12-hour long Riverdanceathon.


Riverdance will be returning to the Gaiety Theatre on Sunday 9 September, and this year’s charity partner is The Alzheimer Society of Ireland (ASI).

On Thursday 21 June outside of the Gaiety, starting at 10am, there will be 580 dancers taking part in the non-stop dance, set to finish at 10pm.

The goal is raise funds and awareness for the ASI, and will include special performances by the Riverdance cast themselves at 10am, 1pm, and again to close the event at 10pm.

Those who wish to donate to the ASI Riverdanceathon can give money at the event itself in person, or donate online at the ASI official website here.


The Alzheimer Society of Ireland CEO Pat McLoughlin said: "We are delighted that Riverdance has become our charity partner. We are very grateful to board member and Chair of our Irish Dementia Working Group (IDWG) Ronan Smith for bringing this partnership about."

"This collaboration was announced when Riverdance performed live at our National Tea Day event at The Orchard Day Care Centre in Blackrock, Co Dublin in May. This was an extremely successful event which was enjoyed by our clients, advocates, staff, board members, volunteers and supporters. This upcoming danceathon, which includes 12 hours of continuous dancing, is a very special event that will help to raise much-needed funds for the ASI and help to increase the public awareness around dementia which currently affects 55,000 in Ireland today. I am very much looking forward to it."

Riverdance Executive Producer Julian Erskine said:

"We are delighted and proud to be in partnership with The Alzheimer Society of Ireland during our summer season in The Gaiety Theatre. We hope that singing and dancing together will help raise awareness and much-needed funds to support those living with dementia."


"We all have been touched by or know people with dementia, including our ex-Director of Operations Ronan Smith, and so this is a cause close to our hearts. With our Riverdanceathon featuring the Riverdance cast and the Irish Dance Schools, we look forward to helping increase understanding and empathy for everyone affected by dementia."