7 tips to build a buzzing restaurant that gets everyone talking 6 years ago

7 tips to build a buzzing restaurant that gets everyone talking

Brought to you by Roberta’s Restaurant, Bar and Terrace.

Top tips for any budding restauranteurs.


Anyone who’s watched Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares knows that running a successful restaurant takes a lot of work. We’re not sure if all that shouting is entirely necessary but it definitely makes for good TV.

The Press Up Group is no stranger to the hospitality business, having a vast portfolio of restaurants that includes The Dean, The Liquor Rooms and Angelina’s. Their latest venture is a 220-seat restaurant and late bar called Roberta’s Restaurant, Bar and Terrace, which is located between East Essex Street and Wellington Quay.

Roberta's Restaurant & Rooftop Bar

The first-floor setting offers an unrivalled view over 40 metres of the Liffey and a glass atrium-style ceiling fills the space with natural light. The outdoors terrace is also a perfect spot to sip on a craft beer or enjoy a cocktail on a summer’s evening!


It’s an impressive addition to the local restaurant scene and it turns into a late bar at night time, with DJs from the Workman’s playing tunes from 10pm on Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays. The group are set to continue developing the former Dollard Printworks Building, with further plans to open a food hall, butchers, fishmongers, charcuterie and 70 set restaurant on site.

Roberta's Restaurant & Rooftop Bar

We spoke to the group’s Head of Operations, Ben Barclay, ahead of the opening to find out what it takes to make a successful restaurant. Here's his advice for any budding restauranteurs.

Always make people feel welcome


"We always want people to feel welcome and at home. At Roberta’s, you can come in for a drink or food anytime from five o’clock. You don’t need a booking. You can make a booking if you want but we totally encourage walk-ins."

Have the right people on the ground

"The staff and the management are everything to us. It’s so important that they’re passionate about what they do and that they always make people feel at home and looked after. At Roberta’s, and indeed across the Press Up Group, we have nice, genuine people who love what they’re doing.

"You can build a place that you’d love to eat in but then it’s up to the staff to make it their own and to feel empowered to make it their own. Ultimately, the long-term success of the business is up to them. We’re hugely proud of all our teams and thankful to have them with us."


Make a place that you love

"We do things that excite us, we come up with concepts that we’re passionate about, and we know we need to feel that level of passion in order to see things through to success. We love food and great experiences. We could run with the latest global food trend or a concept that is working really well in New York but unless we feel that it's something that really excites us, then there is no point in us trying to bring that to life in Ireland. We have to love it to make it work."

Keep improving but don’t change who you are

"Make sure that your standards are high and that you’re trying new things within the menu itself. Our chefs and staff are constantly putting pressure on themselves to try new things and make the menu better. And in turn, they are the ones that we should thank for keeping the venues busy."


Roberta's Restaurant & Rooftop Bar

Get your product right

"At the end of the day, you have to be really proud of your product. So at Roberta’s, our food and cocktails have got to be really good and of a really high standard. The standards of the city have become so good in recent years, it's important to maintain that."

Create the right place for your location

"You can always make a location work but where you’re located can often dictate what type of place it is. It’s good to look at what the people around you want, what they need and what is good for the area. We always ask ourselves how we can add to the area and make it better.

Think long term, not trends

"We try and stay away from wider trends or what’s hot this month. You need to build a long term business that people will go to for a long time. We don’t reinvent the wheel. We try to provide people with really fun, vibrant places to go and places that they will still want to go to in three years’ time."

Roberta’s Restaurant, Bar and Terrace is now open. It offers contemporary cuisine in a fantastic space with a unique glass ceiling and a courtyard terrace with outstanding views of the Liffey. In addition to a mouthwatering menu, it also offers crafted cocktails, great coffee and more in a relaxed atmosphere and stylish setting.

Brought to you by Roberta’s Restaurant, Bar and Terrace.