The most romantic people in Ireland are from Athlone, Waterford, and Tralee 1 year ago

The most romantic people in Ireland are from Athlone, Waterford, and Tralee

A great day for those particular parishes with Valentine's Day just around the corner.

If you're from Athlone, Waterford or Tralee, we know exactly what you're thinking. How in the name of Jesus did the people at reach the conclusion that you're seemingly surrounded by Casanovas?


After checking the statistics of romantic queries on the Internet, they've compiled a list of the most romantic locations in Ireland and those towns in Westmeath, Waterford and Kerry have come out on top.

Basically, the list was created by examining the frequency of words and queries that were searched for on Google. Searches for things like 'Valentine’s Day,' 'flowers,' love' and others terms that you would associate with Valentine’s Day were studied.

During the period before Valentine’s Day, the frequency of searches for these queries increases around Ireland.

After looking at Google's search term results, it was discovered that the most romantic Irish people live in Athlone, Waterford, and Tralee.

Granted, it might seem a bit frivolous - I mean, anyone can Google flowers, but buying them is a different thing! - but we're sure the people of these areas aren't complaining with their new status and will use it to their benefit if they can.

The research was based on a comparison of the increase in popularity of various keywords during the period of January-February 2019, according to Google archived data (via the Keyword Planner tool).

The 22 locations considered in the research were chosen by the size of the population (more than 20,000 residents).


As for the lowest interest in all things Valentine’s Day of those 22 locations, residents of Swords, Dublin placed in last, while the people of Ennis and Bray didn't fare too well either.

You can see the list of the most romantic towns and cities in Ireland from top to bottom below.