PIC: Rory from Wexford's smoking-area selfie is a brilliant addition to #WhenSelfiesGoWrong 4 years ago

PIC: Rory from Wexford's smoking-area selfie is a brilliant addition to #WhenSelfiesGoWrong

It seemed a pretty innocent snap at the time.

Rory Reville was at his mate's wedding enjoying the good vibes and cheesy tunes when he decided to take a spin out to the smoking-area section for a gawk.


He was looking pretty fly in his wedding garb and he figured that it was a good time to take a selfie on his date's phone, to ensure she'd have something the day after to remind her how lucky a lady she is to have Rory in her life.

He took the snap, handed her back the phone, thought no more of it.

Until the next day when Ash (the date) found the pic and instead of lusting over the screen, started cracking up.

Rory Selfie

Can you see why?

Yep, for all the world it looked like Rory had decided to throw off the shackles and take a selfie with his beef bayonet on full display and a look of pure nonchalance on his face.



A bold move.

But, as Rory was quick to point out, it wasn't actually his willy.

Penis zoom

See, Rory had finished off his ensemble that day with a pair of tan shoes.

It wasn't a rogue bellend at all, merely the tip of his size 9s snapped from above at just the right angle.



Cheers to Ciara Sutherland for sending this our way. Gave us a right good laugh.

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