Roses have brought BACK the coffee sweet, baby 7 years ago

Roses have brought BACK the coffee sweet, baby

Christmas has come early for all the coffee lovers out there, who will be chowing down on Roses after today's news

For years there has been a terrible policy of deliberate omission going on from high up in the corridors of power at Cadbury's and Roses HQ, but today, after much campaigning, that wrong has finally been set right.


In what has been dubbed the best green wrapper news since Professor Green decided not to release a new album, the coffee flavoured sweet has returned to the tin of Roses, and will be covered in green foil, for all those out there who wish to search it out.


Of course, JOE is delighted by the news, but there may be some backlash from the coffee haterz out there. To you we say, send us your spare coffee sweets, and we shall give them a good home.