WATCH: A famous RTÉ blooper has been made into an eBay advert 3 years ago

WATCH: A famous RTÉ blooper has been made into an eBay advert

"But did you check eBay? What?!"

RTÉ newsreader, Aengus Mac Grianna, has been so unfortunate in recent years and has been caught out on many occasions live on air which has often left him tongue-tied and red faced...

Clip via IrelandMemes

As if having his bloopers lingering around on YouTube wasn't bad enough, the presenter will now have to watch his makeup mistake on a brand new eBay advert.

The sales website have chosen to use Mac Grianna's blooper of 2013 where he was caught off-guard applying some last minute make-up and fixing his suit when the camera shot back to the presenter in the studio who was completely oblivious.

When he realised he was back on the air, the RTÉ presenter shouted 'what' before the cameras cut away from the presenter again.

The video went viral and even featured on The Jimmy Kimmel show and eBay felt that the footage was too good not to use in their new video to promote their upcoming sales.

Clip via eBay

The eBay advert starts by Mac Grianna, fixing his tie as the narrator of the video says. "you thought you got a prime deal?"

Mac Grianna, still quiet at this stage, continues to fix his suit before the narrator asks him "but did you check eBay?" followed by the presenter's famous 'What?'

The video was released on 10 July and has nearly clocked up 400,000 views.