Ruby Walsh gives insight into Brian O'Driscoll's post making fun of him meeting Prince Harry 5 years ago

Ruby Walsh gives insight into Brian O'Driscoll's post making fun of him meeting Prince Harry

"Love is..."

Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex famously visited the country during the week, taking in all of the sights and scenes that Ireland has to offer. While here, the royals attended a garden party at Glencairn, a tour of Croke Park and a trip to see the Book of Kells at Trinity College, among other things.


While at the British Ambassador's residence in Glencairn, Meghan Markle and her new husband met a number of Ireland's movers and shakers, including sports stars Brian O'Driscoll and Ruby Walsh.

Following the meeting, O'Driscoll (who is known for his sense of humour) posted a zoomed in snapshot of himself and Walsh meeting the prince, poking fun at Walsh's starstruck facial expression.

The post reads: "Love is... ?. Great to meet Harry & Meghan at the Ambassadors residence in Dublin yesterday. #Ruby"

Walsh revealed the truth behind the post, speaking to Paddy Power about how the rugby star “nailed him” in front of Prince Harry and his new wife Meghan yesterday.


“It was very nice to be invited by the British ambassador to his residence to meet Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. He made a lovely speech and it was nice to meet him in person,” Ruby said.

"But, Brian O'Driscoll most definitely got one over on me in front of Prince Harry. He absolutely nailed me to the cross! As well as being a very talented rugby player, Brian O’Driscoll has a great sense of humour and he caught me rotten.”

Asked if there was much football chat amongst them, Ruby said: "There was and that’s how I got caught. I was listening to Brian O’Driscoll’s comments to us beforehand about the England match and let’s just say they were interesting!"

And the legendary jockey, who hopes to return from injury following a fall at the Cheltenham festival last March in time for Galway at the end of this month, joked that BOD may have to watch his back next time they meet if an opportunity comes up.


“It’s always a long road. We’ll see what happens. But I admire someone with a sense of humour so I took it in the sense that it was meant," he concluded.