Ryan O'Shaughnessy claims he was snubbed by Will Ferrell at the Eurovision 1 year ago

Ryan O'Shaughnessy claims he was snubbed by Will Ferrell at the Eurovision

It seems that China banning his performance was the least of his problems.

Fresh from the Eurovision at the weekend, Ryan O'Shaughnessy joined Ray D'Arcy on RTÉ One on Tuesday afternoon to speak about his performance, being snubbed by Will Ferrell and China's censoring of the main event.

Talk about an eventful week.

The Dublin native told Ray that he got the Eurovision bug while over in Lisbon, adding that he truly believes it's becoming 'Globalvision' with China buying the TV rights to it and Australia's recent addition to the contest.

O'Shaughnessy went on to speak about a Chinese broadcaster censoring of the first semi-final – due to the Irish act featuring a love story between two male dancers, rainbow flags on the stage and visible tattoos – crediting the EBU for taking swift action and revoking the rights.

"The whole thing about Eurovision it's all about inclusion and diversity... that's what they stand for."

Much to the surprise of the Irish entrant, Will Ferrell was also over in Lisbon on a fact-finding mission.

O'Shaughnessy mentioned to Ray that the actor snubbed him, saying that he thought he was just a fan when he saw him walking around.

Ferrell, announcing that he'd already taken loads of photos with people on the day O'Shaughnessy bumped into him - told the 25-year-old "no, no, I've already seen the Irish".

"We did that blue carpet event, and I was last of the delegation to arrive and they all got pictures with Will and they were all having the craic with him," he told D'Arcy.

"By the time I arrived he was like 'no, no, I've already seen the Irish, don't want any more of the Irish'... I didn't even get to get a photo with him or get to meet him."

He then finished up by telling Ray that due to him going on the lash on the night of the Eurovision final, he only went and missed his flight home. Waking up and realising this, he decided to stay and enjoy a few more days.

What harm.

The interview in full can be listened to here.