Saturday night's €6.5million Lotto Jackpot winner didn't buy their ticket in a shop 11 months ago

Saturday night's €6.5million Lotto Jackpot winner didn't buy their ticket in a shop

Welcome to the world of tomorrow.

Usually, when someone has won big on the National Lottery — say for example, €6,589,886 — we're all very eager to know where they bought the ticket, as if by putting together a pattern of the shops that sell winners will one day lead to our own success.

There's also the handy fact of knowing what county the winner is from, as it makes it easier to know how well your scrounging will go down. After all, they could be a neighbour, or a cousin, or your long lost mate from Tipperary.

But this time around, there's no shop. That's right folks, it's the 21st century. This time around, the €6.5million winning ticket from 8 December was bought online. It's the sixth jackpot-winning ticket to have been purchased online since the system was introduced in 2009. This means we don't know what county they're from.

Not only that, but it appears that the Lotto winner is yet to come forward and collect their ungodly winnings.

The National Lottery today appealed to all its online players to check their tickets to see if they have hit this life-changing jackpot. The winning numbers were: 9, 15, 17, 24, 41, 43 and bonus number was 37.

Speaking on the latest Lotto jackpot win, Dermot Griffin, CEO of the National Lottery said: “What a start to the festive season for a lucky winner somewhere in Ireland who bought their ticket online at This latest €6.5 million Lotto jackpot win is our thirteenth of 2018. All in all our six online Lotto jackpot winners have won a combined €27,252,015.

“We are asking all of our players who play online or through the National Lottery App, to check their tickets and if it is you who has matched all six numbers, contact the National Lottery Prize Claims team on 01 836 444 and we will make arrangements for you to collect your prize in the National Lottery Winner’s Room – just in time for Christmas”.