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26th Aug 2013

Science tells us that left-handed people are smarter than the rest of us

For years it was thought that lefties were pure turns out they're just smarter and everyone else was jealous, or something


For years it was thought that lefties were pure evil…it turns out they’re just smarter and everyone else was jealous, or something

Science has given us many improvements in our lives and solved many of the serious doubts that man has wondered about for generations. That said, we’re yet to be convinced the world is round, though. If it was round, wouldn’t we all fall off?

Anyway, according to what the lads at The New Yorker have discovered, it seems that the scientists have turned their attention to the ancient debate of lefties v. righties, and discovered that left-handed people have been getting smarter from working their way through a world built for right-handed people.

It seems that the theory that lefties are all evil comes from Cesare Lombroso, the father of modern criminology, who figured that one of the sure signs that you were a little bit suspicious was left-handedness. He stated that “criminals are more often left-handed than honest men, and lunatics are more sensitively left-sided than either of the other two”.

The latest discoveries have shown that not to be true however, as a study at the University of Athens proved that left-handed people performed better in cognitive tests, displaying “faster and more accurate spatial skills, along with strong executive control and mental flexibility [and] demonstrating enhanced working memory”.

This helps lefties to develop a bigger corpus colossum (the bit that connects the brain’s two hemispheres) and makes them smarter, at least according to science. Expect to hear this factoid from your leftie mates repeatedly over the next few weeks…

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