Scientists have discovered what makes people sexy 7 years ago

Scientists have discovered what makes people sexy

So what's it all about?

Research has long told us that attraction can be instigated from internal factors such as resistance to disease and fertility, but scientists at Queens University, Toronto looked at whether these features needed to be consistent and found interesting results.


Dr. Nikolaus Troje has found that by looking at these features together, you see the need for consistency within the features.

The team used moving dots to highlight a person's movements and had them rated both as a shape and as a movement.

The study found that the two ratings did not correlate and in fact mixing the two led to a negative rating as people are highly sensitive to inconsistency.

This means if a woman attempts a catwalk stroll but doesn't pull it off they would be rated less sexy than walking naturally.


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Basically, the human eye and mind is highly susceptible to inconsistency, such as a mistake or a fault.

The study also found that overall appearance is more important than individual features.

For example, you might have amazing blonde hair, but if it is dyed and doesn't match your natural complexion, you would be rated less attractive than if you had hair that suited your face.


In summary, appearing consistent is more important that being striking and therefore acting normal may actually get you a higher attraction rating than faking it and getting it wrong.

So there you have it. Science says just be yourself.

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