Sean Spicer has made some pretty stupid claims about Ireland 5 years ago

Sean Spicer has made some pretty stupid claims about Ireland


It seems like a long time since Sean Spicer was the White House Press Secretary in the Trump administration, but in reality, it hasn't even been two months since he stepped away from the role.


But he thinks that his role as Press Secretary has made him one of the most popular figures in Ireland.

During an interview with the political news website Axios, Spicer said that he's become hugely popular in Ireland, the home of his ancestors.

“The US press briefing had become part of their nightly viewing,” he said, stating that he was mobbed and asked for selfies during a recent trip to Europe.

“It was a prime-time show from Europe to the Middle East… I’m one of the most popular guys in Ireland.”


While no doubt he's more well-known than a lot of other White House officials, one of the most popular guys in Ireland is a bit of a stretch.

It's believed that Spicer is considering paid TV roles in the UK following his newfound 'celebrity' status, thanks to his role in the Trump administration.

Spicer has Irish heritage with his great-grandfather William Spicer immigrating to America from Kinsale, Cork and joining the Navy.

We're not certain, but we're pretty sure that a lot of people on this side of the Atlantic know of Sean Spicer because of the glorious SNL skit of him which had the whole world talking about him.


Come on, you now the one we're talking about, right?

Video via Saturday Night Live