This is what it means if you dream about having sex with your ex 3 years ago

This is what it means if you dream about having sex with your ex

Is it what you think?

Dreams are complicated and it's easy to jump to conclusions as you stir awake in the middle of the night, and wonder what the hell is going on in your head.


When someone pops up in your sex dream, it doesn’t necessarily mean you want to be intimate with this person.

Instead, it probably means that he or she probably possesses some admirable personality trait (such as leadership skills, sincerity or humour), a trait you see in yourself but that hasn't yet fully developed.

Psychologist Gillian Holloway, PhD, writes on her dream interpretation website that some sex dreams may simply be “wish fulfilment” (fantasy because you will likely never get with this person in real life), sex dreams are quite complex, reflecting your own personal desires and fears.

However, when it comes to dreaming about having sex with your ex, there should be a big, loud warning klaxon going off in your head and you should probably take a cold shower.


Ian Wallace, a dream psychologist and author of The Top 100 Dreams: The Dreams That We All Have and What They Really Mean, says that this kind of dream is something you should take note of if it happens.

Wallace told Everyday Health that if you’re dreaming about an ex-lover, it could mean that you’re unknowingly repeating bad habits from your failed relationship. He said this dream should be considered a red flag.

So... there you have it.