Would you give up sex for six months to travel around the world for free? 2 years ago

Would you give up sex for six months to travel around the world for free?

A surprisingly low number of people said they'd be willing to give it up.



Sex is great. There is nobody here disputing that. If you like sex, and you have sex with someone you enjoying having sex with, then that is great.

However, sex is also free. (Usually, but that is a discussion for another day.)

Travel is also great, but also it is very far away from being free.

Great travel usually involves multiple flights and a number of continents, but it is all worth it for a nice tan and killer Instagram posts.

So, given the option, could you give up six for sex months... no, sorry, sex for six months... if it meant having free travel instead?

Social travel company Contiki asked 1,500 people between the ages of 18 and 35 what they could give up for travel, and the results are surprising.

Obviously, we've all got our individual must-haves for our day-to-day existence, but you'd think that would all go out the window when the offer going around the world without it costing you penny is given.


Apparently not.

Here are the exact results of the percentage of people willing to give up the following in exchange for free travel around the world:

Sex - 57%

Carbs - 60%

Alcohol - 73%


Coffee - 77%

Netflix - 80%

While it is shocking that almost half of you couldn't go half-a-year without sex in exchange for FREE TRAVEL, it is even more shocking that one-in-five people can't give up their streaming service of movies and TV.

Out of them all, the one we can understand the most is carbs. Imagine traveling to Italy for free, only to be told you can't have pizza, or pasta, or lovely bread? No thank you, we don't need that kind of torture.