Sheep enrolled at rural school in a bid to boost numbers and save a class 3 years ago

Sheep enrolled at rural school in a bid to boost numbers and save a class

Ewe wouldn't believe how baaaad the schools are.

Ever feel like the black sheep in your class? Would you consider yourself to be sheepish during your time at secondary school? Did you have a classmate that you never herd from?


Well, if this sounds like ewe, you'll be pleased to know that an educational calambity was recently avoided in France.

Fifteen sheep at a French primary school have been enrolled in a local school in an effort to boost pupil numbers.

After local authorities announced plans to close a class, a plan was concocted to hoof this closure notice into touch.

Essentially, Jules Ferry school in Crêts-en-Belledonne, a village in the Alps northeast of Grenoble, had seen its student numbers fall from 266 to 261. Rather than just get the hoof, or move onto pastures new, a local herder by the name of Michel Girerd decided to take a unique approach to the issue.


Ladies and gents, meet the newest pupils of the school, Dolly and Shaun.

We wonder if they had to wear a wooly jumper to school on their first day?

Anyway, 200 teachers, pupils and officials showed up to greet the new students on their first day and the Mayor Jean-Louis Maret was also present.

Granted, the Mayor used the event to question the logic of class closures and highlight the very serious issue that these children aren't been given access to a full education, but we want to know how Dolly and Shaun managed on their first day at school?


We reckon they were pretty sheepish.

After all, it's hard to make friends in a new school.