Shoe brand Skechers have replaced Kim Kardashian with a bulldog 10 years ago

Shoe brand Skechers have replaced Kim Kardashian with a bulldog

What’s hotter: Kim Kardashian in a steamy shoe advertisement or a French bulldog named ‘Mr Quiggly’?

Chances are you’ve guessed wrong. In fact, Mr Quiggly will be stealing the spotlight from the reality star for a part in the annual Skechers Super Bowl advertisement.


One of the "greatest nights of the year for advertising" a 30 second commercial slot during the Super Bowl can sell for as much as $3.5million.

Due to the massive amounts of money spent on them, Super Bowl advertisements usually feature the most high-profile faces of a particular brand, and last year the curvy Kardashian starred in an advert where she ditched her hunky personal trainer for a pair of the latest ‘ToneUp’ shoes from Skechers.

But this year poor Kim has been passed over in favour of the bulldog.

The Daily Mail reports that Mr Quiggly appears alongside business magnate Mark Cuban - owner of the NBA champion Dallas Mavericks - in the advertisement, with all four paws bedecked in the company’s new ‘GoRun’ shoes.


Surely Kim Kardashian is offended that she’s been replaced by a dog? Maybe so, but Skechers insist that she has not been dropped by the firm or replaced.

“While Kim’s contract with Skechers simply came to an end at the end of last year, we continue to have a great relationship with her as we do with all the other talent who have worked with the brand over the years,” said Robert Greenberg, the CEO of the company.

“To say that she was ‘dropped’ or ‘replaced’ is misleading and untrue,” he added.

Kim’s sexy advert was a runaway success last year – we wonder if Mr Quiggly will be as popular…