Our 5 signs that you should propose this Christmas 3 years ago

Our 5 signs that you should propose this Christmas

Brought to you by Voltaire Diamonds

Do you think you should propose this Christmas?


It's no small thing to pop the question, but is there a better time to do it than at Christmas? Maybe don't do it just after a feed of turkey and ham, but it's a time to start thinking about whether or not you're at that stage in your relationship.

Should you do decide to pop the question this Christmas, it's important to get the right ring. Located beside Stephen's Green Shopping Centre, Voltaire Diamonds offers high-quality engagement rings at incredibly good prices.

While you might think there is a lot of pressure for you to get it right, it doesn't even really need to be anything too over the top or fancy. As long as you're relatively sure they'll say yes...

propose this Christmas


1. You finish each other's sentences

You know your relationship is solid when you both know exactly what the other is thinking before they say it. It might have started with you both just thinking the same thing, until you stopped having to ask each other what you wanted to get for dinner.

Eventually, however, you'll probably be able to communicate with each other through some form of telekinesis.

2. You no longer watch TV shows on your own


Remember the time you could just scroll through Netflix to find your next show? Yeah, those days are long in the past.

Not only do you now have to spend 30 minutes finding something, you have a lot more commitments now. Skipping ahead on a TV show you started together is the ultimate crime...

propose this Christmas

3. You cancel plans for a night in together


In fairness, you wouldn't be able to chill out in stretchy tracksuits and a football jersey from 1994 if you went down to the local with your friends. Cosy nights in front of the TV become a lot more tempting as the two of each other become more and more comfortable around each other.

Therefore, be prepared for at least a bit of slagging if your friends are under the impression you can't leave the house anymore...

4. You're as close to their family as you are to your own

The first time you meet their parents can be a difficult experience. You probably felt the pressure a bit, and had to make an effort for them to like you.

If it's gotten to the stage where you're able to stroll into your potential in-laws' house, pop the kettle on and take your shoes off, you're already part of the family.


5. People make the assumption that you're already married

If your friends have already said to you they thought you were married, that's probably the biggest sign of all. You already spend a lot of time together, you're more comfortable with them, and you finish each other's sentences.

All the signs are there, now all you have to do is propose this Christmas. Located on King Street South, Voltaire Diamonds offers the finest of diamond rings without the cost of high street shops. Get in contact today to see how they can help you choose the perfect engagement ring. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook to find out what they have on offer!

Brought to you by Voltaire Diamonds