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13th Jun 2019

Six great indoor activities to keep the boredom at bay


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These indoor activities are ideal for any grey day or rainy afternoon

Everyone loves enjoying the great outdoors during Summer, but sometimes Irish weather can make it a little tricky.

We’ve all gone through the heartbreak of planning a beach trip, only to find out that thunder and lightning is forecast.

In partnership with the brand-new Cadbury Boost+Protein Peanut bar, here’s some ideas for fun indoor activities to keep boredom at bay on those rainy Summer days.

Rock climbing

Put those muscles to the test! Can you make it to the top of the wall? Or are you in for a fall? Rock climbing is enjoyed competitively across the world, but can also make a great leisurely activity for your day off. There are lots of walls across the country, each varying in difficulty.


Libraries don’t have the coolest reputation, in fact most of us remember hours stuck studying in one! However, these days libraries in Ireland are equipped with state of the art facilities. They have multiple copies of the same book, cosy corners to relax and cool events with authors. What’s not to love?


Feeling competitive? Hop in a kart and take to the indoor track. You get to dress up in racer overalls and a helmet, and play out all your formula one fantasies. There are lots of cool indoor tracks across the country, including The Zone in Navan, County Meath. Use all of your Mario Kart skills in real life, without the risk of slipping on a banana peel!

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are a trend which has swept across Ireland in recent years. If you’re feeling trapped in the house due to bad weather, why not trap yourself elsewhere instead? Some of the cool horror themes on offer are sure to make you sweat as you race against the clock!


Trampolining has to be the easiest and most entertaining form of exercise. From mid air flips to tumble tricks, there’s so much more to it than just bouncing up and down. There’s lots of places in Ireland where you can show off your skills, like Jumpzone in Santry and Sandyford. Get a group together, and organise a big game of dodgeball!


You’ve seen Night at the Museum right? Although we can’t guarantee your experience will be quite as exciting, museums are still certain to brighten up a dull afternoon! Whether you’re in the mood for ancient art or wax figures, museums are sure to satisfy your inner culture vulture.

No matter what you do to keep yourself busy, you’re going to want to keep hunger at bay as well. Coated in delicious chocolate and packed full of protein, Cadbury Boost+Protein Peanut would make for a tasty reward after testing out some of these activities.

Brought to you by Boost Protein+ Peanut

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