Dream job involves sending you to Sweden to get paid to ski badly 3 years ago

Dream job involves sending you to Sweden to get paid to ski badly

You will literally be paid good money to fall over in the snow.

If your dream job involves bad weather and feeling like you're wearing nothing at all (stupid sexy Flanders!), then we've got some great news for you.


Ski-wear company Tenson are playing 25 euro per hour to enthusiastic, but still kinda bad, skiiers. Not only that, but they'll fly you over to the luxury sky resort of Idre fjäll, Sweden.

Essentially, the job description involves you wearing their ski wear as you slowly attempt to get better at skiing.

So you'll be reviewing skis, which is not to be confused with The Big Reviewski, which is a different thing.

According to the job description, of which there are two positions to be filled, this is what they expect from you:

  • Knowing how to make a decent snowplough turn.
  • Being an expert at falling in the lift queue and/or in the lift and on the slope.
  • In the snow park, your only trick is an unintentional "eagle".
  • You should have no idea what pow, ripper, glades, or poaching means.
  • Every time you rent ski boots you tend to change them 2-3 times claiming there must be something wrong with them (since your feet hurts so bad).

That sounds like us.

And also everyone we've ever known.

The position not only includes return flights from wherever in the world you live, but also food, accommodation, ski rentals, and you'll get to bring a friend with you (all expenses paid).


If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, you can fill out the application form for the position right here, with the closing date for applicants being Monday 11 February.