Some interesting facts and figures from Powering Kindness Week 8 years ago

Some interesting facts and figures from Powering Kindness Week

Electric Ireland Powering Kindness is back and according to recent research, kindness is the key to happiness in society. And older Irish ladies lead the way.

A recent survey found that 79% of Irish people who performed an act of kindness felt happier as a result. So not only is JOE recommending that you get out there and do your good deed, we also wanted to enlighten you with some other findings from the surveys.


And lads, we have plenty of room for improvement.

Older Irish women rank as the kindest category – yes shock, horror, we know - with young Irish men ranking the least kind (7%). With that in mind it will come as little surprise that people are most likely to be kinder to older Irish women (66%) and less likely to be kind to young Irish men (5%)

“When someone performs an act of kindness, it makes them feel good about themselves. Importantly it also gives them a sense of control, allowing them to feel that they can make a change to the lives of those around them,” according to Dr Maureen Gaffney, Adjunct Professor of Psychology and Society at University College Dublin.

“Both parties involved in the act of kindness benefit and the research really brings this to life.”

So go out there and do your bit for society.