Some of the world's ugliest names have been revealed and there are some crackers here 5 years ago

Some of the world's ugliest names have been revealed and there are some crackers here

What's in a name?

Most parents will tell you that the process of naming their child is an incredibly hard one because it's a constant process of elimination and debate.

This writer has frequently overheard conversations along the lines of 'he doesn't look like a James?', 'my old girlfriend was named Sarah and she was a head melter' or 'we're not calling our child Darth Vader because it's weird' and so forth.


A recent Reddit thread was created where people discussed the worst names that they've ever heard and here's just a few of them.

Of course, we love them all.


In our mind: It's a cross between a Hells Angel and the lovely name Hazel.

(Our own Eric Lalor is clearly a fan)

Eric Lalor and PJ Gallagher will get their kicks on Route 66 for Temple Street Children’s Hospital


In our mind: Sounds like a location in Game of Thrones where nice oranges grow and decapitations are the norm.

Game of Thrones

In our view: At least there's no one else in the world with this name. It definitely is unique.


In our mind: We're just picturing a female rapper in the vein of Iggy Azalea.



In our mind: "Some of those that work forces, are the same that burn crosses."

To be fair, having 'Killing In the Name Of' in your head is not a bad thing at all.

Rage Against The  Machine

In our mind: We're not even going to point out the irony.

Britney Shakira Beyonce

In our mind: What, no Christina? Mrs Aguilera must be crushed.


In our mind: Isn't that a cosmetics company?


In our mind: An amazing, trail-blazing and brazen choice.

Brixx and Ryot

In our mind: These were definitely two characters that featured in Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter.

Street Fighter

In our mind: History buffs wll know that this is actually the location where the 300 Spartan warriors fought against the Persians.

Please let us know if you have heard any other names that you might consider to be worse than these.

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