Somebody leaked the Entourage movie script it is 9 years ago

Somebody leaked the Entourage movie script it is

Last week Entourage greenlit the highly anticpated movie. This week the script has been leaked… kind of.

By Genna Patterson


So it was a while we had to wait to finally hear the news that the Entourage movie is actually going ahead. And now the icing on top of the cake is that some of the movie script has been leaked. Well, not entirely.

Some fan on Tumblr got creative and ‘leaked’ the script, however it is more a fantasised version of events.  Although fake, it reads fairly close to an actual Entourage script, with Ari flipping out, Vince being uber-cool and Drama being a bit thick. But we still like it… maybe they could hire this guy/gal to write it the real script.

At least it’ll tide us over until the movie is finally released. Happy reading.




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