Here's why only spending one summer in Canada is a wasted opportunity 2 years ago

Here's why only spending one summer in Canada is a wasted opportunity

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Warning - don't waste your Canada Visa!


While Canada is becoming an increasingly popular destination for Irish students to spend their summers, 2010 was the last time summer visas were available. Now, the only option for anyone with an Irish passport is the 2-year IEC Canada visa, which is open to anyone aged 18-35 and can only be attained once in a lifetime.

In other words, there is no such thing as a J1 for Canada.

A growing trend amongst students is that thousands of them are wasting their 2-year IEC Canada visa on just one summer. While they might end up having a fantastic time, thinking of it as a short working holiday will ruin their chances of ever moving to Canada on a longer-term basis.

If you're looking to just spend the summer abroad, USA J1 Visa remains the only option for that corner of the world.

A J1 Visa in the USA is a great alternative

The J1 USA Summer Work and Travel programme offers you the chance to spend an unforgettable summer in the States. The difference between the US and Canada means that if you enjoyed your J1, you can still apply to go again and experience another summer in another location.

USIT has announced a special offer giving all students a FREE J1 Programme fee (the usual price is €499) so go to and find out more. Offer must end Monday, 3 December or while places remain.


If students are keen to spend a summer abroad working and travelling, they can still go on the J1 USA Summer Work and Travel programme. You can get this J category visa for as many summers as you’re a student and it won’t affect your future self.

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