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24th Oct 2018

The 5 stages of your first Movember prep


Movember prep

Brought to you by Just For Men

It takes serious dedication.

Whether it’s your first ever attempt at Movember or your tenth, growing out your facial hair can be a serious undertaking. From the awkward stages at the beginning to the many moments that make you question why you’re bothering with it at all, it’s no mean feat.

We’d say even Hagrid had to go through the same when he was a young lad…

Movember prep

1. Eager beaver

It might be something you’ve just always wanted to try, or you could want to get involved in the charitable side of Movember. Whatever your reasons, it always seems like a small undertaking at the start.

You might think; “Great stuff, I won’t have to worry about shaving next month!”

Oh, but you will. You will.

2. Bumfluff

If you’re not used to having facial hair, the first week or so feels like you’re constantly holding a bale of hay under your chin. It probably isn’t much to look at at this stage either.

Spare a thought for poor old Michael Cera, who never really grew out of this phase.

Movember prep

3. Itchy beard

Ah, here we are. Just when you feel like things might be getting a bit more consistent, you start to spend your days scratching your new mo’.

It’s an eternal struggle, but the one positive is that it feels so damn good to itch.

Movember prep

4. The rough patch

It’s easy in the beginning when you know that you need to give it time, but any speed bumps at a later stage are more challenging. You want to be seeing a bit more progress, not the patchy and inconsistent mess growing around your face.

It can be frustrating when you’re not where you want to be after a couple of weeks.

Movember prep

5. That’s mo’ like it

If you can plough on through those dark days, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s a hairy light, but a light nonetheless.

The day you can finally look at yourself in the mirror and feel proud of your facial hair is a special one indeed. Good man yourself.

Movember prep

The most important part of your Movember prep is to look after your facial hair. Just For Men is available in leading supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide in the shades of Light Brown, Medium Brown, & Dark Brown. Follow their Facebook for more.

Brought to you by Just For Men

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