The seven stages of your first semester in college 3 years ago

The seven stages of your first semester in college

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It's a bit of a rollercoaster...


Your first semester in college can be a daunting time. It's exciting, but there are a lot of things that people don't really tell you about your first year.

As those of us who can look back on our days as a fresh-faced fresher will tell you, there are certain obstacles you should expect to find.

First day

Bags are packed, you've made the trip up, and said goodbye to mammy. This is the day you've been dreaming of for as long as you can remember, and now it's time to enjoy your taste of sweet freedom.


Orientation week makes things seem so damn sweet. People are roaming about campus handing out free stuff, you've no lectures and you have a few quid in your pocket.

The honeymoon stage

Right after orientation week, there is a golden window of productivity. Assignments will be dealt with at an acceptable time, 9 am lectures are a breeze and you feel confident with the course material.

Surely it'll be like this for the whole year, right?


First semester in college

First hungover lecture

Your first college night out will likely come during orientation week, which will make it all the sweeter at the time. Not only would you not have to get up for a lecture the next morning, but it's a chance for you to get to know the people you'll be spending the next few years with.

That's great and all, but your first hungover lecture is the real education. Nothing on earth will put more hairs on your chest than sitting in a packed lecture hall at 9 am on a Tuesday while you try to hold in the build-up of toxic gas left over from last night's pints.


Skipping a lecture

"I won't miss any lectures. I want to make the most of college," said every fresher who ever walked. Listen, that's all well and good but it won't happen.

It might start off with a module that doesn't mark you on attendance, but it's a slippery slope. Next thing, you don't know any of your lecturers' names and need a map to get around the campus.

First semester in college

Running low on supplies


Sadly, there wasn't a class in school that taught you how to properly keep yourself from starving. Having a well-stocked fridge at home all your life probably wouldn't leave you best prepared to do all your own shopping.

It's a dark day that you don't realise you're out of toilet roll until you've passed the point of no return...

Your first cramming session

Getting told about an assignment that isn't due for 6 weeks is a death trap. They might as well not tell you about it at all, as no one in their right mind will get started on it right away.

No, the perfect time to get through this assignment that you heard about several months ago is 10 minutes before the deadline.

First semester in college

Your first trip home

Fridays involve packing a bag with all your dirty washing, whereas Sundays are for stocking up on all the supplies you can carry back up. The weekend represents a chance for you to not only get a proper dinner, but also prepare for another week of college life.

Only a few months will likely have passed, but you'll be a different person to the one who finished their exams.

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Brought to you by Iarnród Éireann